2018 document package contains:

  • Player Handbook – Everything you need to know about the golf challenge
  • Sample Sponsor E-mail – Shortened sponsorship ask with links for more info; Social media use as well
  • Excel Spreadsheet – Formatted with fields needed for sponsorship info; bring completed file to the course on day of event
  • Corporate Sponsor letter – references Corp Sponsor info sheet
  • Corporate Sponsor info sheet – Outlines incentives for potential corporate sponsors


Hey fellow Cru golfers!

I hope all is well with you and that you are experiencing the blessings that can only come from our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wanted to share a few ideas about sponsorship for Cru Golf Challenge.

After the kick off breakfast I was so fired up! I decided this year to keep that enthusiasm going by sending out sponsorship information right away. The first thing I always do before sending out any communication whether by phone call, email or snail mail is is to take a moment to pray and ask God for his guidance and that I would trust in His sovereignty.

Then I started by contacting all of the people that sponsored me last year and wrote each one a personal note of thanks along with giving them the links necessary to support Cru again this year. This starts me off on a positive note because I start getting replies and sponsorship notifications almost right away and this motivates me to start working on a new list of contacts each year.

The next step for me is to start contacting people that I sent messages to in previous years that I didn’t get a reply to. It only takes a minute or two but I always try to personalize a few sentences at the beginning so the communication doesn’t come across as being too much of a form letter. I also work from my address book in email for new contacts and pray that God would place names of people and business in my mind that I should contact.

Lastly, that I would boldly proclaim that this isn’t about me, but that it’s about reaching a lost and hurting world with the good news of Christ.

May God bless you in all that you are doing to build His kingdom. In His mighty, holy and precious name,

-Kevin Archuleta
Indiana Golf Challenge – multi-year participant

How’s it going with your sponsorship?