Teeing off at dawn, you will join 40 other golfers who will take over a local country club for the day. By dusk you will have completed 100 or more holes of golf! And you will be part of an exciting event that has raised more than $2 million in the past twenty one years!

Is this really free?

Yes! Golfing all day costs you nothing but time (and maybe a couple of blisters.) We only ask that each golfer contact a list of potential sponsors as you pursue a sponsorship goal of $2500. ($25/hole x 100 holes = $2500)

Where do the funds go?

The funds go to help Cru ministries in two areas:

  • The Innovation, Performing Artists and Communication Teams of Cru, committed to taking the gospel of Jesus to a lost and hurting world by creating and providing tools and resources, training others to win, build and send and much more. Visit The Cause section to learn more.
  • High School, reaching high school students with the gospel in Indianapolis. Visit The Cause section to learn more.

Can I really play that much golf in one day?

Yes, you can! Each player will have use of a golf cart, and the rules are modified slightly for faster play. In our previous golf challenges, nearly all of our golfers have completed 100 holes or more – one man even played 245 holes!

You’ll be amazed how quickly you can play and how much fun you’ll have. At the end of the day, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve played a part in reaching others with God’s love. And, which of your friends can say they’ve played 100 holes of golf in one day?

(See modified rules below)

Are there any prizes or perks?

Yes! Each player will receive:

  • An event shirt
  • A door prize of their choosing
  • A chance to win a car with a hole-in-one ($20,000 value)

Additional prizes will be awarded for best score for 100 holes, on-course contests and top sponsorship totals.

Each golfer who raises $2,500 or more will receive a $200 Gift Card as a thank you.

We’ll also provide golf balls, tees, snacks, drinks and your meals for the day.

Where do I sign-up?

Click the button below to to send us your info. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions you may have and to help you get started building your sponsorship team!

Modified Rules

  1. All of the players will be in carts.
  2. Hit when ready – honors are not important.
  3. Out of bounds is not stroke and distance penalty – drop a ball near the point it went out of bounds, add one stroke, and continue playing.
  4. Take no more than 20 seconds looking for lost balls.
  5. Take two club lengths anywhere to improve your lie.
  6. Everything within the length of a putter is good. Don’t spend time lining up putts and cleaning balls – fix your ball mark and putt.
  7. Maximum of triple bogey on each hole. Pick up and move on at that point.
  8. Holes need not be played in order. Play the same par-3 twice in a row, play a parallel hole if the golf course seems to open up there, play 2-3 balls on the same hole and count it as 2-3 holes played, etc.
  9. When playing through, play as one big group until the faster group clears. The slower group may want to play two balls on that hole to allow the faster group time to play on.
  10. Goal is to play 9-10 holes per hour. Keep track of how well you are doing to keep up that pace and speed up if necessary.
  11. Two people may tee off at the same time.
  12. Play from dawn until dusk.
  13. You’ll play faster if you’re enjoying yourself, so encourage the players you are playing with and have fun!